The first two things that come to my mind when I imagine about Cambridge are, it is a fantastic university town with wide open beautiful green grasses and it is place where you can spend a lazy summer day punting on the river Cam. Cambridge is one of my favourite destinations in England. I have been here several times with my husband and spent some quality time with him, so I thought of doing this post and sharing some tips for your first visit to Cambridge.


Getting To Cambridge From London

There are several options for getting to Cambridge from London. Taking a train or driving  are possibly the best and most convenient ways. We drove from London which takes around 1 hour and 15 mins, but beware, parking charges in the city centre are very high unless you take a park & ride service from the outskirts of the city. Alternatively, there are frequent services from the King’s Cross Station and the Liverpool Street Station. If you are coming for the first time or planning a day trip to Cambridge then taking the train could also be a wise option.


Top Things To See And Do In Cambridge

Cambridge is well known for it’s colleges and punting on the river Cam, so sharing here some must do things in Cambridge!

  1. Trinity College : Trinity College was founded by Henry VIII and is the largest college in Cambridge. Trinity alumni consists of great noble prize winners, royalty, politicians, amongst other famous personalities. The Wren Library of the Trinity college holds some masterpieces which include Shakespeare’s works, manuscripts of Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne, Isaac Newton’s personal library and some other great masterpieces. The college looks beautiful and standing in front of the building fills you with awe towards this great institution.
  1. King’s College:  The other most famous college in Cambridge, Kings College is also known for its Neo-gothic architecture and a magnificent chapel and choir. The inside is vast with beautiful stained glasses and its renowned for its christmas eve programme. Colleges are typically closed to visitors during the examinations, last week of May and first week of June.
  1. Queens’ College : It is one of the oldest and largest colleges. It has buildings on both sides of the river Cam. Notable buildings include the Old Court with monorail which tells the date, astrology signs, the walnut tree court that contains the chapel of the college and the mathematical bridge that connects the older and newer parts of the college. Most of these buildings are visible from the river cam while punting.
  1. Punting On River Cam : Exploring Cambridge is never complete without experiencing punting on the river Cam. Its an amazing experience, as you can view some of the landmark places including the King’s College. There are guided tours which cost around £12per head or you can rent the entire punt by yourself and do it yourself. It’s good fun but we have seen our fair share of first timers struggling badly with the punt. But never mind, it’s not dangerous. So give it a shot if you are the adventurous type. Carry some food and drink and enjoy the ride with your friends and family. The guided tours are mostly done by the students of the college and you get a lot of information regarding the colleges, the history of the place and the typical life of a student in Cambridge.
  1. Do A Walking Tour Of Cambridge: This is probably the best possible way to save money as well as see the entire town. Cambridge is a beautiful town to walk around. Enjoy a walk in the parks, take a stroll along the banks of the river, sit down to have a sandwich and some fruits, watch people punting, lie on the grass and see the blue sky above. The Botanical garden is an absolutely beautiful place to spend a relaxing afternoon. It costs £5 to enter but is well worth a visit.
  1. The Fitzwilliam Museum : We have not been to this museum yet, both of us love visiting museums but honestly whenever we come to Cambridge we just end up spending our time punting or on the banks of the river Cam and don’t get time to go and see this museum which is an artistic opulence. If you come here do try not to miss it and get an opportunity to see a beautiful collection of the medieval manuscripts and lots more.











As the day was perfect for a summer outfit, I decided to wear this easy breezy romper from H&M. All the other items are from H&M. I felt as light as a feather; not in weight but in my clothes 😛 as they were super comfy. Rompers, shorts, cotton dresses, off -shoulders these are some great options for travel outfits if the weather is warm! If you are planning something soon, try to pack something like this and trust me you will thank me afterwards :).

As always I had an amazing time with my husband. Cambridge is a beautiful place to spend an entire day enjoying the punting, walking around the city, seeing one of the best colleges in the UK, and some more of your interest. I hope this sweet little post will help you plan when you come for your first visit to  Cambridge.

Rest, enjoy the photos and get a feel of the place through our lens!

And as always

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. 🙂






Outfit Details: All H&M

Romper, White Tee, Slip on trainers, Crossbody, Shades (not available anymore)



With the temperature rising and new things getting introduced in the wardrobe, culottes and off-shoulders have become the summer staples! Summer clothing is all about feeling light and living in your clothes and right now there is nothing trendier and comfier than  culottes and off-shoulders, making them the ultimate summer style capsules. Both of them are very versatile and can be styled with multiple options to get different looks. Thus investing in a culotte or an off-shoulder this summer will be a very wise buy :).

How to create the look?

As I mentioned above, both the culottes and off-shoulder are very versatile and can be styled in multiple ways as per your liking. The culottes and the off-shoulder I am wearing here are from ZARA. Yes! I am a Zara lover. I really like their collection and most importantly I am very happy with their fit. As the day was warm and very pleasant I kept it very casual giving a street style touch finishing off with my ZARA gold sandals which I am in love with right now. This look is ideal and perfect for any informal lunch, event or brunch. In fact, after the photoshoot we headed towards a friend’s place for a brunch party and trust me, the whole day I was very comfortable and relaxed in my outfit. Summer style should be comfy yet stylish and this look will absolutely make a statement! If you love to be in heels the whole day, instead of these flat sandals, you can also style them with some gorgeous stilettos and some statement earrings. I am truly in love with this look and I will wear both of them very often this summer. The off-shoulder will go very well with a pair of jeans to get a casual look and the culottes will look perfect with a tee and a long vest.





Somewhere around Sloane Square, which is one of my favourite places in London. I love strolling around this area and in Chelsea getting lost in the streets, white houses, posh and cute little cafes and shops all around. One place that we love to go to is the mews in the Kensington area, but this time we chose a quiet time and place for this photoshoot, no distractions and no crowd to photo bomb :P. After the photoshoot, we picked up some fresh patisseries for our friends as we walked down to the tube station to carry on with our journey to their place. As always it turned out to be a fantastic day out for both of us.

Have a fun loving week ahead with your loved ones

And as always

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. 🙂







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Everything ZARA




pamela basu- stratford-upon-avonBe not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” – Twelfth Night

This was a long awaited trip. Turning pages after pages of some great tragedies and comedies during my graduation time, coming to the birthplace of that great man was always there on my bucket list. If you are coming to visit England as a tourist then this sheer opportunity to relive the bygone days of the birthplace of Sir William Shakespeare is not to be missed. Being the sixth most popular tourist destination in the UK, the place has several attractions which attract flocks of people from all around the world. It was only a matter of time before I decided a trip to Shakespeare’s Stratford-Upon-Avon with my family. So explore this amazing place through my lens and let’s go back in time! 🙂

stratford upon avon-pamela basu

We started a bit early from London, as it takes nearly 1 hour and 45 mins to reach the place. We really enjoyed the drive as the weather was really nice. After reaching the place, we straight away headed towards Anne Hathaway’s cottage, wife of Sir William Shakespeare. The cottage is beautiful and has well maintained grounds to walk around to take some beautiful shots and that is exactly what we did. There was a forest walk which I honestly did not enjoy as I was not in my Nike trainers. So I just strolled around a bit, hearing the birds chirp and feel the fresh air and when we got tired, we decided to have lunch at a cafe across the road.The cafe serves some nice rolls. Afterwards, we drove to the main town centre, to the birthplace of Shakespeare. It’s a beautiful experience and a must visit for all literature lovers.

stratford upon avon-fashionreflection

Here are some suggestions on things to do/ see

1. Anne Hathaway’s Cottage-  The 500 year old cottage belongs to Anne Hathaway, wife of Shakespeare, who used to live here as a child. The place is so well maintained, even the furniture and some utensils which were used in their time have been preserved very well. There is  a beautiful garden attached to the front of the cottage. I just got lost in the historic experience, beautiful cottage to live, a garden to spend some time with books! 🙂

2. Shakespeare’s Birthplace- It was believed that Shakespeare was born in this house which makes it important historically and drags visitors across the globe to this quaint and lovely town. Inside of the house has been so well preserved that walking through the doors will actually make you feel that you have gone back in time. The design is not architecturally stunning but good enough to remind you of those times. There is beautiful garden attached at the back of the house with some flowers and herbs that became known in Shakespeare’s time.

3.   Boating- Boating or the lovely cruise trips in Statford-Upon-Avon is really a must. The canal and river cruise trip will take you back in time and you will get a taste of an old England as you get to know more about the history and heritage of this place.

4.  Hall’s Croft-  A beautiful property owned by Shakespeare’s daughter Susanna and her husband John. The house has a quite big and has a wonderful walled garden which contains all the plants used by John in his medical treatments of those time. These houses are so well preserved till date.

5. Royal Shakespeare Theatre- Very obvious by its name, it was dedicated to Sir William Shakespeare. In this theatre all his famous plays are being staged along with those of his contemporaries as well as some more modern ones. It’s an experience to watch all the talented artists and feel it live. So if you are interested to feel the magic on-stage, I suggest that you book the tickets for at least one of them.

This place has so much to offer to the visitors and I am sure there are some other places too in this town which will surely grab your attention. So when you visit England, make it a point to come and see this beautiful quaint little town and leave with some special memories with your loved ones!

Until then

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. 🙂

anne hathaway's cottage- stratford-upon-avon

stratford upon avon-pamela basu

stratford upon avon-anne hathaway's cottage

stratford upon avon-pamela basu

stratford upon avon-pamela basu

stratford upon avon-pamela basu

stratford upon avon-pamela basu

stratford upon avon-stratford upon avon

stratford upon avon-pamela basu

shakespeare's house- stratford upon avon

stratford upon avon-fashion reflection

stratford upon avon-pamela basu

stratford upon avon-fashion reflection

stratford upon avon-fashion reflection

stratford upon avon-pamela basu

stratford upon avon-fashion reflection

stratford upon avon-fashion reflection

stratford upon avon-fashion reflection

stratford upon avon-fashion reflection

stratford upon avon-pamela basu

Outfit Details:

Trousers & shoes- Zara

Top- Forever21

Scarf- H&M

Bag- House of Fraser


floral dress- pink

Nestled in Woodstock, a market town in Oxfordshire, England, Blenheim palace is a magnificent country house sitting in the middle of an enormous estate. We spent a lovely afternoon at the Blenheim Palace, walking along the sides of the lake, taking a short and sweet buggy ride around the huge estate and lying on the green grass staring at the blue sky dreaming about places to travel as a wanderlust! We really had one of the best afternoons so far this year.

About Blenheim Palace:

It’s history takes us back in time to the purpose behind its existence. It was built to celebrate the victory over the French in the War of the Spanish Succession in the early 18th Century. The Blenheim Palace is also the birthplace and ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill. It is now a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE and I would highly recommend visiting this place if you are bored of the usual tourist spots in UK!

The palace is about an hour’s drive by road from where we live in London and for that reason, I feel it’s the perfect place for a day out on weekends. We have been here before, so this time we decided to relax and take some photos for my outfit in some lovely spots around the palace. One can hardly run out of beautiful spots for shooting photos in this magnificent place. In fact, the property is so huge, it is not easy to cover everything in one day.

pink floral- dress

Final shot-2057

My Outfit Look!

This gorgeous floral maxi dress is from Boohoo. The material is very light, comfortable and perfect for such summer afternoons. I absolutely love the free- spirited, feminine feel of this dress. The pink floral print gives a decadent summer vibe to the look! I have kept the accessories very minimal as a beautiful floral outfit needs nothing else to make it look prettier. The dress itself carries an expression and adds a touch of elegance to the look.This dress is ideal for any beach holiday or summer parties. If you love wearing headbands, go for it because they will look very pretty with it. I am wearing heels here as the length of the dress is too long for me to team it with a sandal and I never wanted to lift the dress up to my ankles while walking in such a beautiful place like Blenheim Palace. However, If you feel more comfortable with sandals that is also completely fine as I have always believed in going for comfort first.

So my gorgeous ladies out there, if you want to have a very sombre and feminine look, I suggest you go for something like this to spend a very romantic afternoon with the best person in your life and make every moment precious!!!

Final shot -1754

boohoo- fashionreflection

blenheim palace- england

Things you will enjoy/ do in Blenheim Palace:

There is an entry fee of £24.90 and that ticket can be converted for no additional cost into an annual pass which is highly advisable. If not anything else, you can always come back here for a walk on some picturesque walking trails or for a picnic. Given the fact that it costs millions to maintain the estate, I think the ticket prices are quite reasonable. Additional 10% discounts are also provided to the guests accompanying annual card holders on future visits.

  1. Take the Museum Tour inside the castle as it is an awe-inspiring experience for visitors.Take a walk inside the palace grounds and into the parklands. If you don’t prefer walking, opt for one of the Buggy Tours; there is a 1 hour buggy ride which will take you all around the property covering the major spots of interest.
  2. There are some breath taking Gardens such as a. The Water Terraces b.The Italian Garden c.The Secret Garden d.The Rose Garden e.The Roundel f. The Churchill Memorial Garden. Take a nice walk or relax on one of the numerous benches in one of the gardens. Each garden has its own unique beauty.
  3. For visitors with children who would like to enjoy some more activity there is the Pleasure Gardens. But I would like to mention here that it is just as enjoyable for adults. So miss it at your own peril. 
  4. It includes a miniature train ride that runs every 30 mins between the palace and the pleasure gardens. If you come with your family then Marlborough Hedge Maze is a must visit. Just enjoy, play and get lost in the maze. There is also a beautiful Butterfly House, a collection of some exotic butterflies which often sit on you as you walk though the nursery. It’s a lovely experience. There are also some beautiful little birds called Zebra Finches which are happily chirping away and add to the merry mood inside the nursery. There is also a lavender garden next to the butterfly house. But its still not Lavender season yet. So we have to save that for our next visit :).
  5. Last but not the least, if anyone of you love fishing then there is always the option to hire a boat and go fishing in the great lake (for a fee, of course). Consider this as an add on to the rest of the fun in Blenheim Palace.

blenheim palace- fashion reflection

blenheim palace- united kingdom

bleinham palace- fashion reflection

fashion reflection- blenheim palace

fashion reflection- blenheim palace

blenheim palace- fashion reflection

blenheim palace- fashion reflection

pink floral-1955

Final shot -1734


Maxi Dress: Boohoo

Sandals: New Look (very old)

Earrings: Accessorize (very old)

Lipstick shade: Rimmel 107