Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great time with your close ones! Finally we have come to the last few hours of 2016! A year where I have experienced a lot of things good and bad, collaborated  with some amazing brands, saw changes in life, moved continents, travelled and saw new places and people, learnt new things and got inspired to try new ideas! So I thought I should really pen down my goodbye to 2016 so that I can read it in future when I feel like going back to 2016 to read how it was. Feel free to join me 🙂

2016 has been a year of experiencing new things in life, getting inspiration from everywhere possible and most importantly getting to know myself better! I have learnt how to give up petty things and focus on what is really important and can help me bring a change to myself to make a better ‘me’. I do believe in the saying- “We are born to be real and not to be perfect’’, but honestly I have to confess that at some points in my life I have fussed and got irritated about things not working out in a perfect manner as I am a bit of a perfectionist but slowly I have realised that it is not the perfection that makes the thing\moment\time important but the experience in itself. In this journey the person who has always been for me by my side patiently handling all my shortcomings is my husband and I guess without him I would not have met the actual ‘me’. Besides him, the other person who I am grateful towards is ‘you’, the one who is reading this post and following my Blog for so long and most importantly believing in me!! My real motivation is all of you who have inspired me to get going in life!

Change is the only constant!!! I have read and heard it so many times but it was really hard for me to embrace the essence of what it meant!! I seldom appreciate change in life! I am that kind of person who orders the same food at the same restaurant and instinctively go for the same colour when choosing outfits. In 2016, moving across continents, from London to Singapore, was a really big change!! My love and attachment towards London was hard to leave behind but when there is a change it always happens for a good reason isn’t it? So will wait and hope for that in 2017 🙂

This year I have pushed myself to do things I am generally too lazy to do! I realised if it is not now it will be not be ever!!! So do things right now and don’t wait for the right time because that time may never come. I was never a gym person and I have hated workouts but running and feeling like a free spirited soul is what I have enjoyed a lot recently and I am sure it will continue in 2017!!!

I am looking forward to 2017 with a lot of positivity and will to share happiness and be inspirational!! So lets help each other and become a bridge for each other rather than a barrier!! In life things happen according to destiny. Good and bad is always there in everybody’s life but it is always best to overshadow bad times with the good moments in life. If there are no challenges then it will never lead one towards success!

Thank you everyone for all your constant support. It’s you who are helping me make my dream a reality. Have a positive year ahead and do things that make you happy. Believe in yourself and remain being “YOU”. The positive energy will automatically enhance the lives of those around you. You won’t even have to try.

Love and loads of hugs to all of you!!

Have a fantastic 2017 and let’s live it with positivity